Unkechaug U.S. Census 2010, 8nkowa!

I recently visited the Poospatuck Reservation on Long Island and met with tribal council member Mary Treadwell.  After a nice lunch, Ms. Treadwell showed me around the Poospatuck Reservation and briefed me on history and development of the Unkechaug Nation.

Mary’s commitment to the Nation’s development was obvious in the projects she described to me were in the works.  After showing me the new Unkechaug office we went through some boxes in which there were shirts, sweaters, hats, pens all marked and ready for the Census 2010.

The Census 2010 is a big project because it not only employs members but it is also a larger part of making the voices of Native American’s heard and counted.  She presented me with these gifts which I accept gratefully.  Thank you Mary!

We also spoke in length about the Unkechaug Language revitalization project (the red shirt).  Keeping and developing the Unkechaug language is also a big project because language defines culture.  She in partnership with local writers and colleges have begun this project in hopes of linking the history of the tribe with the present members.  8nkowa!